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5 Strange But True Health Tips

5 Strange But True Health Tips

The very mention of health tips brings to mind the regular ideas – drinking hot water, avoiding junk food, sleeping on time, and so on. But these are the conventional ones and are done to death. No, we are not saying that these are not effective anymore, they are! But in this article, let us look at health tips that are unconventional; tips that might seem counterintuitive to you, even funny! They may be strange health tips, but they are super useful! The following health tips might leave you a little confused, but they do work:

Health Tip #1 Want to nap better? Just drink coffee!

According to the Japanese, they conducted a survey where people took coffee naps, i.e., by consuming 200 mg of coffee and then taking a 20-minute power nap or rest. These people felt more alert and did well on their tests. But isn’t drinking coffee supposed to keep you wide awake? When one consumes coffee, the caffeine kicks in and clears the adenosine, a molecule in the brain that triggers alertness. So, when adenosine levels increase, they make one more tired. Therefore, napping at this time helps flush out the adenosine, and drinking coffee, reduces the effect of the molecule further. This results in better naps!

Health Tip #2 Want beautiful pearly whites? Don’t brush your teeth right after you eat!

Contrary to what people say, don’t brush your teeth right after you eat or drink. This holds true for when you have just had foods that are acidic – citrus fruits, health drinks, soda and tomatoes, etc. It softens the tooth enamel, and brushing can chip it off. It may also erode the layer beneath it. It is best to wait for at least half an hour before brushing.

Health Tip #3 Want to be a size smaller? Put on weight!

Befuddled? Well, putting on weight to get into a smaller size means merely putting on muscle weight. This is apparently possible because a pound of fat and a pound of muscle weighs the same, but muscle takes up less space. So, if you have bigger muscles, even though your weight may be the same, your clothes size may be smaller.

Health Tip #4 To eat less, eat more

Are you someone who believes that eating a small packet of chips, pretzels, or a tiny slice of cake will not affect their diet or harm their weight? But these sweet and salty snacks only make you hungrier, and you end up eating more as the small amounts of carbs spike your blood sugars and leave you hungry. Therefore, it is essential to have a protein-rich snack or meal, such as paneer chat or lentil soup. These may be higher in calories, but the quality of consumption decreases as the protein and fat help you satiate hunger faster and feel fuller.

Health Tip #6 Feeling bloated? Drink water.

Raised your eyebrow, have you? Water and bloating go hand-in-hand, no? Not all the time. If you are someone who has a higher intake of fiber, then you need more water intake to make your body work more efficiently. Water blends in with fiber that is water-soluble and converts it into a gel-like substance. This can affect the motility of the gut and help reduce bloating. Also, dehydration can cause bloating, as in the absence of adequate water, the water holds back the reserved liquid and makes one bloated.

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