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Connecting Reliable RNs and Therapists With Trustworthy Employers
The Missing Link Between Top Jobs and Deserving Nurses

At Staffingenious, we build bridges.

We connect healthcare facilities offering outstanding pay, improved work-life balance, and capable registered nurses/therapists.

Registered Nurses, RNs, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists who have worked with us now earn better than in their previous roles without necessarily putting in more hours.

Likewise, we’ve helped Nurse Recruiters and Nursing Managers solve short and long-term staffing problems, fill strategic roles faster and ensure a seamless onboarding every time.

Our next success story is with you. And you can start writing it by looking at our solutions for candidates and employers.

Our Mission

To fill critical nurse staffing needs by bridging the gap between skilled nurses and excellent healthcare facilities that support their nurses with improved work-life balance opportunities.

Our Vision

To become a pioneer in the nurse staffing space, redefining how capable nurses can access rewarding roles.

Our Values

Staffingenious stands on a platform of transparency, commitment, communication, and excellence.

Our hiring and placement processes are an open book. From start to finish, we invite you to observe and provide feedback on our processes.
We take pride in delivering on our promises. So, we’re always committed to finding you the next ideal role or providing the staffing solution you deserve.
Our recruitment experts love to speak to and hear from you. We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way and invite you to keep us updated too.
We’ve built a team of recruitment experts who have spent time in the HR and healthcare industry. We take our commitment to quality in service seriously and do our best to convey excellence in every interaction.
Be the next in line to boost your career with a higher-paying employer offering better hours and perks. Or, check out our staffing solutions for employers to eliminate all your talented employee search, recruitment, and onboarding stress today.