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How good is bottled water compared to regular water?

How good is bottled water compared to regular water?

In today’s fitness-craze world, we’re never informed about our health. More and more fitness apps and diet fads come and go like seasons and days of the week.

Drinking water is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Many campaigns maintain that bottled water is safe for drinking. Another set of people says regular water is better than bottled water.

And some big water companies shell out whatever is necessary to buy bottled water that is super fresh.

Should we consider all this dissenting research in order to stay healthy? Bottled water vs. regular water is a raging debate.

Why drink bottled water?

Bottled water advocates make the point that bottled water is infused with vitamins and minerals that regular bottled water doesn’t boast.

Take a look at some water bottles brimming with an added punch of calcium and magnesium.

Some of these swear to replenish all the missing fluids drained during a workout, which has yet to be proven.

With thousands of bottled water brands, there is no option for finding a bottled water product for every occasion.

Unhealthy chemical foods and water are leading to food sensitivity.

Further, bottled water is easy to carry. According to the CDC, bottled water will weaken the immune system and leads to cryptosporidium which causes nasty symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

People with weakened immune systems are more likely to contract waterborne illnesses or become ill from drinking tap water.  tap water.

Now let’s debate over Regular water

Firstly, the major concern over bottled water is The use of plastic bottle containers has come under some serious scrutiny.

The polycarbonate used in plastic water bottles is linked with some health risks, including reproductive problems, obesity, breast cancer etc.

Some cities have opted to add chlorine to their water supply in order to clean up contaminants. Chlorine can react with organic compounds in the body, which can destroy the cell tissues.

As we drink lots of water, it can destroy our bladder and kidneys. Cities linked with chlorine use in regular water can cause lots of harm to the bladder.

The risk involved in using regular water in the local community is horrifying. The environmental factors and transparency all count toward a closer answer to regular water or bottled water safety.

Nonetheless, there are prudent steps you can take to ensure the safe drinking of either tap water or bottled water.

How to drink safe and healthy water: Be it regular water or bottled water you have to follow these steps

Protect your tap water by using carbon purification systems, which remove chlorine.

Fix filters to the tap; the ceramic system helps to remove bacteria; use purifiers. Boil your water.

Protect your bottled water: Never leave it in heated areas, and don’t freeze your bottles.

Buy spring waters and avoid bottles labeled “purified water.” Look for certifications like NSF International, which tests bottled water companies.

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