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Access Flexible, High-Paying Roles With Accommodating Healthcare Facilities Today
Start the Most Profitable Phase of Your Career With Staffingenious

We’re here to rewrite the history of burnout, low pay, and excessive hours that nurses are often subject to. At Staffingenious, our nurses are treated to premium roles paying above-average rates and offered flexible hours.

Thanks to our repertoire of placement solutions, we can almost ensure the ideal work-life balance.

So, submit your resume to join our in-house pool of talented candidates who get the first try at exciting new roles before we post them to the public.

Also, look at our jobs board as the right position might already exist for you.

Take Advantage of a Flexible Way to Work
Why conform to a work routine that doesn’t work for you? Choose from our proven staffing solutions instead.
Per Diem
Supplement your day job’s income by picking up shifts at healthcare facilities whenever possible. We love to negotiate top rates for you, so you’re well rewarded for your time and skills.
Contract Roles
Get well-defined contract roles spelling out the duration and pay for your work relationship. Then, you can choose to renew your contract, take a sabbatical, or come back to us for placement at another healthcare facility.
Enjoy the best of both worlds by taking the time to evaluate an employer for a chance at permanent placement during a contract period while earning higher than your previous role.
Direct Hire
Eliminate the stress of settling into a new role by allowing us to take on negotiations around pay, perks, hours, and other benefits. Do what you do best while we work on getting you what you deserve!
Take advantage of these placement solutions by submitting your resume so that we look for fitting roles alongside you. Also, don’t forget to look at the open positions on our jobs board, as the right role might already exist for you.