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Unique Things to Do for Your Mom This Mother's Day

Unique Things to Do for Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Mothers truly deserve the world every day, but especially on Mother’s Day. If you haven’t already planned to shower your mom with unique gifts or made reservations for brunch or lunch, we have the perfect Mother’s Day activity ideas that are sure to make the most important woman in your life feel extra special.

On our list, you’ll find an assortment of nice things to do for your mom that will be a hit whether you decide to spend the day at home or want to enjoy a day out on the town. These innovative celebration ideas include fun Mother’s Day games that will keep the entire family engaged and entertained, DIY crafts that will be just as enjoyable for Mom as they are for the kids and one-of-a-kind travel ideas, and cool classes if you’re looking for more of an adult-centric celebration, or if you can’t actually be there with her in person.

Whatever activity or surprise you land on to show your mom, wife, sister or maternal figure your appreciation for all that they do, the most important thing is that you all get to spend some quality time together.

Make pottery.

Working together to make art won’t just allow you to leave with a one-of-a-kind piece. You’ll be able to bond as you explore a new activity. Because it’s so relaxing, you may find Mom opening up like never before.

Let her create a signature scent.

If your mom has a hefty fragrance collection, sign her up for a make-your-own-perfume class. She’ll get to leave with a one of a kind scent, and every time she wears it she’ll be reminded of the time she spent with you.

Visit an amusement park.

For the mom who’s always seeking adventure, a trip to your nearest amusement park will be a welcome surprise. Not only will you be able to treat her to her fill of funnel cakes and caramel corn, but you’ll also get to see her face light up when you all sit next to each other on her favorite ride. If you ask us, it’s a win, win.

Have a backyard BBQ.

Sure, backyard barbecues are often associated with Father’s Day, but Mom loves her burgers and dogs, too, so why should Dad get all the fun? If the weather cooperates, fire up the grill!

Invite her to hi-Tea.

Whether you make the brews and treats yourself or head out to an official tea house, Mom will love sipping her beverage out of fancy china and snacking on tea sandwiches.

Make something totally unique.

If you do a DIY craft project (like this recipe box from Club Crafted), write a poem or come up with a silly dance, you know your mom will love it because it is 100% you. No one can one-up a one-of-a-kind experience! You can make them for her and present them to her, or involve her in their creation.

Watch home movies.

Whether this involves digitizing old VHS tapes or getting video files off your phone and onto the TV, dig into the family archives and host a home movie marathon. She’ll get emotional seeing how much everyone has grown.

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